Bringing Innovation to Procurement

"No one likes the procurement process" says 94% of Departments and Projects in Government.

The modern procurement process was born out of the public service movement that reformed government contracting and hiring processes during the transition from the 19th to the 20th century.
The goal of the procedure was to help ensure accountability and transparency in how government awarded contracts. The process had three main objectives:
  1. to prevent corruption and therefore protect taxpayers from fraud and abuse; 
  2. to standardise processes in order to allow government to take advantage of scale and efficiency; and
  3. to ensure equality and prevent discrimination against certain groups like minority business owners.
These traditional procurement policies, many of which are still in play today, serve legitimate purposes. They ensure the procurement process remains open to the public and makes government officials accountable for their purchasing decisions. 
A built-in appeal process serves as a check-and-balance in case the procedures aren't carried out effectively the first time.

Value Proposition 

At IGS we strive to exceed our customers expectations, with more than 50 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the Health, Government, Transport and Mining sectors our team can provide commercial solutions through technology and innovation.

We specialise in solutions for ICT Commercial Governance, Research and Development of ICT and Electronic Solution Design.
We look forward to discussing your challenges and guiding you through to solution and implementation.

It's time for change

As the costs of procurement within the public sector continue to rise, it has become critically important to examine ways to introduce reform and innovation. 
Technology is advancing rapidly, while prices are dropping. It’s now easier than ever for government agencies to capitalise on innovative solutions, yet in most cases, they are not taking advantage of it.

Procurement is making some progress, but it still is probably one of the single biggest barriers to innovation in government. Public procurement is one of the most hidden and misunderstood functions in all of government. IGS is here to help.