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ICT Commercial Solutions
How well does your department manage the connection between contracts, assets, renewals, ever changing business directions and delivery of outcomes. Through working with many government bodies we identify the deficiencies between contracted procurement and delivery.
Our staff specialise in identifying and streamlining your processes to ensure you are receive expected outcomes from your contracts and vendors. Expert knowledge of vendor negotiations and products enables us to analyse and negotiate Tier 1 contracts saving 20% to 54%. These have been key savings for these organisations saving from $2.2M - $7.4M.

Here is what we specialise in around ICT Commercial Contract, Procurement and Management
  • Contract Negation and Planning
  • Contract Value Analysis
  • Contract Management Portfolios
  • End-to-End Procurement and Contract Process Design
  • Contract Audits
  • Contract and Compliance Audits
  • Merger / de Merger / Acquisitions
  • Contract Management Solutions