Contract Management

Contract Management – What is it

Every company and organisation enters into agreements with other vendors. Whether you’re buying packaged software pack from Harvey Norman or implementing a large enterprise Storage System with a tier 1 vendor, each time you interact with an external vendor you are considered to be working within a contractual arrangement.

Why do I need to worry about Contract Management

Each of these contractual arrangements you enter into contain obligations, commitments, expectations and ramifications. No matter how low the value is, these under the eyes of the law are the
Contract Management
rules, the agreements and the acknowledged terms and conditions that you or your company are obliged to work within. Should there ever be a dispute the first thing both parties turn to are the signed 

The importance of implementing the right contract and understanding your obligations increase exponentially with the value and risk your company puts on the product or service. At IGS we understand the importance of getting this right. We can define your obligations and create the tools to ensure compliance and more importantly getting what you expect from the products and services defined in a contract.

Why would you entrust IGS to something so important

With an accumulation of more than 50 years commercial experience across many sectors including Health, Transport, Mining, Government and Energy we understand the importance to organisations that they can really on their vendors to deliver what is expected. We understand the importance of forward predictions to align strategies and policies and how these are affected by the commitment and obligations imposed by these everyday contracts.
IGS has extensive experience in implementing Frameworks, Policies, and Procedures specifically designed to your organisations needs and direction. We ensure when we have finished that all procedures are aligned with each external dependency in the organisation. 

Value Add

With all your Frameworks, Policies and Procedures in hand… what now? One of the most common comments I hear is that this is a great Framework, Policy or Procedure but I don’t have the time, staff and resources to implement and retrain everybody. We also often hear that how can I communicate this across my company and have everyone understand their new responsibility. Many are surprised to that this is not a new responsibility it has just been communicated or planned out for you. 
To ease to the pain of any transition to something new IGS offer a functional workflow planning phase and an option workflow implementation. Imagine not having to retrain your staff to a better process, and have the policies driven by compliance co-ordinated workflows. IGS can automate the process utilising many standard internal platforms. It’s about making sure it just works.

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