Contract Negotiations

Contract Negotiations - What is it

Contract negotiation is not only about getting the best price, it is about setting the expectation of both
parties and ensuring fair value for money vs goods and services received. The value of a product and service may not be good value for one customer vs another. The key is "Value". "Value" is the true measurement for determining success from a negotiation . 

Contracts are the lifeblood of any business, but ineffective controls of various contracts are still costing businesses billions of dollars every year. To avoid costly and brand damaging situations, improving risk management of contracts strategically has to be the priority of any business professional. 


The team at IGS have extensive experience managing the negotiation process, and yes it is a process. To walk into a meeting room unprepared and undefined requirements can cause frustration and ill will between the parties. 

Our team can provide you with the tools and guidance to achieve the best possible outcome from any negotiation. We work with your teams to define the true value required from a contract and negotiation.

Value Add

Each negotiation meeting will have attributes of what went well, what can be improved and key indicators of success. We differentiate ourselves in the market by reporting on each meeting and negotiation thus allowing future interaction with your vendors to be far more streamlined and successful. We set in place the vender relationship management tools to ensure the outcomes are beneficial for parties offering true value to the partnership.


IGS have saved in excess of $19M Australian Dollars for our clients with Tier 1 vendors alone, in the Health, Transport, Mining and Energy sectors. With a proven methodology and skilled teams we can ensure the best outcome for your next ICT investment.

Key Benefits

Examining the strategic legal and commercial negotiation planning process for desired business outcome.
• Creating increased bargaining power for negotiation through careful contract risk analysis.
• Efficiently drafting contracts in order to minimise ambiguity and inconsistency to enhance operational performance.
• Avoiding the lasting effect of miscalculations and incorrectly drafted clauses.
• Mitigating key external and internal risks throughout the contract life cycle to reduce cost.
• Devising a strategic pre and post negotiation plan to maximise benefit of each contract.