Government Procurement

By maximising competition and leveraging supplier innovation, we have demonstrated that major savings can be delivered whilst supporting economic growth and saving taxpayers money.

Basic Supplier information and more detailed profiles are stored and maintained on behalf of Government offering direct access to Supplier intelligence across the supply base

We have a range of contracts offering value for money across a wide range of products and services within the common categories of spend.

Our value for money, commercial procurement solutions are fully federal, state and local government compliant saving the public sector time and money. Our innovative procurements are delivered through a range of procurement options - either self-service such as frameworks or contracts, supported by our spot buying team.

We work closely with senior stakeholders in government departments and organisations across the public sector, implementing processors and guiding policies to deliver savings and drive efficiency.  Strategic alliances with buying organisations in local, state and federal governments demonstrate our commitment to working in partnership, wherever appropriate, to combine purchasing volumes and deliver cost savings that benefit the whole of the public sector.

As a commercial organisation, working on behalf of the public sector, we are playing a vital role helping to protect front line services by driving increased savings through our aggregated commercial procurement arrangements.

Depending on your requirements we have a number of options to help you procure the goods and services you need:

  • Self-service - we have a number of ways you can access our deals on a self-serve basis. Procurements using framework agreements, contracts or Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) enable you to fulfil your requirements from our existing arrangements using standard terms and conditions. 
  • Assisted delivery - our category teams can provide tailored advice and suggest alternative options such as spot buying that can help meet your needs most effectively.
  • Managed service - an end to end managed procurement service for central government departments.