Inform Global Solutions

Innovation Platform Creators IGS is a parent company that gives ambitious innovative projects the structures and resources to make their ideas come to life.

Our Services


Redefining Government Procurement as-a-Service Procurement as-a-Service and our on-demand solutions are specifically aligned for governments to save time and cost while ensuring continued compliance with the required policies and legislation


Developing IoT solutions for the aged care market Uncomplicating Technology For the Aged Care Community. Using IoT Technology to create a predictive analysis of patient care progress.


Improving outcomes for repeatable processes Utilising existing paid licences to create an additional value in existing investments.


Proudly supporting innovation investment in IoT research IGS will continue to invest in research for the health care sector including aged care and disability.


Inform Global Solutions Pty Ltd (IGS) formed in January 2001 as a supplier servicing primarily the Queensland Government broad ICT process design, automation and solution design and development requirements. Our journey over the past 20 Years has seen expansion to many sectors including health, aged care, IoT research and development, sustainable materials and innovation in cloud technologies.
Our focus on Sustainability and Safety is of the utmost importance in everything we do and ensures IGS builds this into each and every service, product and delivery to improve our environment. Our growing staff each share the ambition of providing a better future for our planet.

It is hard to believe 20 years ago, IGS was created from a dream to improve existing methods.

We want to thank all our Customers, Staff and Partners, for your support throughout our journey over the past 7,300 days. We started with a vision to improve the processes for many customers with the adoption of emerging technologies. Our initial focus was with our government clients, then the realisation that so many corporate bodies also strived to envisage numerous opportunities in technologies under existing investments. Our teams identified opportunities that enabled and supported the best practices and standards. Now 20 years on IGS has invested in a number of businesses and have partnered with some of the leading companies in the world to provide only first-class outcomes for our customers.